Our Vision
We strive to offer a dynamic, relevant and Christian education which prepares young children for life-long learning.

Our Values inform our Vision
Christian Ethos
We model, promote and prayerfully follow the loving way of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Contemporary Education
We have qualified experienced and dedicated staff who are proactive in offering up-to-date, relevant education.

Active, Fun-Filled Learner Experience
We offer active, fun-filled, age-appropriate learning experiences to enhance the potential of every child.

Context of Mutual Respect
We value and promote mutual respect in relationships between pupils, teachers, parents, Church and the community.

Inter-Active, Loving Environment
The child and the entire family and staff are nurtured through mutual concern, love and care.

Our Logo and Ethos
heart The heart in the St Martin's logo represents the love and care we show to all of our children at St Martin's. Our professional staff are specialists in early childhood education and aim to encourage and guide children to realise their full potential in an environment in which they feel safe, secure and happy.

cross The cross at the base of the flower represents our Christian ethos - our commitment to guiding children in the ways of Godliness; teaching them to be tolerant and loving.

flower With love, a good Christian base and the right environment, our children will blossom like flowers in the sunlight, growing from strength to strength.

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