St Martin’s is privileged to enjoy an enthusiastic, vibrant and engaged Parent Body, Governing Body, Parents’ Association Committee and Staff.

Educational purposes and relationships are promoted, forged and enhanced through various events throughout the year.

School Events
School Events are those that involve the children primarily and allow parents to see their offspring “in action” in the school setting, offering intriguing and revealing insights.

They include:
• Parents’ Open Rings
A typical lesson (perhaps Music, Dance or Drama) is presented and parents observe. Tea is served. (Called a “Ring” because the children sit in a circle on the floor!)
• Parents’ Social
A first term get-together, so parents can re-visit old friendships and forge new ones. For parents only, a theme is chosen and a delicious meal served.
• Family Focus Evenings
For parents and others in the community, these information evenings address relevant and topical parenting topics, with talks by guest speakers. With tea.
• Dads’ and Kids’ Night
Dads help make a puppet, do a painting, have a hairdo (!), work at woodwork or do a puzzle. With hot dogs, wors rolls and drinks on the side.
• Grandparents’ Rings
An opportunity for Grannies and Granddads to see what we do each day, followed by tea.
• Helpers’ Day
A vitally important person in South African households is the domestic helper. We honour these hardworking, caring people with a special Ring. And the children decorate a cake box, which is then filled with delicious things to eat, for each helper to take home as a treat.
• Christmas Rings/Nativity Plays
Our values and beliefs are expressed through the medium of song, dance and dramatisation. For the extended family. Christmas food for tea.

Fundraisers are planned, organised and presented by the Parents’ Association Committee (with the help of other parent volunteers). They raise funds for special, identified purposes in any given year.

They include:
• Quiz Evening
A fun-filled evening which tickles the taste buds (yummy food) whilst engaging the brain! A quiz with questions on general knowledge, music, current affairs, etc. etc. Invite a table of friends, no littlies though.
• Art Auction
A talk gives insight into the Developmental Stages of Children’s Art; then the “gallery” is opened to an array of individual children’s paintings as well as class artwork mobiles and projects. Parents purchase their child’s artistic efforts but can also bid on groupwork or the paintings of professional local artists in the Auction. This takes place every second year and is for parents, grandparents and friends.
• Golf Day
Our major fundraiser of the year. Parents source hole sponsors and prizes. Parents and outsiders are invited to play.
• Family Fiesta
A glorious day for the whole family – with face painting, a jumping castle, novelty games (e.g. digging for treasure, pin the tail on the donkey) and a sponsored bike ride. Food and drinks on sale.

The Governing Body is responsible for the governance and management of the School. This involves policy-making, financial husbandry, strategic planning, oversight of human resources, maintenance of facilities and resources and the purchasing of equipment.

The Parents’ Association Committee takes care of fundraising. The monies they raise pay for the purchase of additional equipment, improvements to decor, special projects, etc.

10% of the fundraising income is donated to charity each year. Previously we have supported The Sunflower Fund (the Bone Marrow Registry); Bobbi Bear (outreach to abused and abandoned children) and TREE (Training and Resources In Early Education).

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