What is on the go? Need to know some more stuff?

St Martin’s Pre-Primary is a busy, happy place and this necessitates everyone knowing exactly what is happening, when and where! We pride ourselves on our communication ….
(And we keep in touch through the School Notebooks, in Newsletters, with the webpage, on our Facebook Page, using the SMS ‘Phone Around, posting notices on the Did You Know Board and on blackboards in the Patio Area and via email, as well in personal interaction.)

Here you can see:
The Term's Calendar
(click to download)

The Term Newsletter
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The Latest Newsletter
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The Latest PA Newsletter
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This will tell you more about the specifics of planned events.

School Policies
Learn more about St Martin's School Policies.

The Parent Contract
A document to protect the rights of both parents and school.

School Rules/General School Information
Need to know more about the day-to-day functioning of the School?

School Fees
The school fees for the year.

Ask Barbie
Our Principal, Barbie Daniel, has written a number of articles to help parents.

Strategic Planning
Each year we identify ways/tasks to deliver on the School’s vision and values.

School and Holiday-Care Year Calendar
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Football Fiesta 2010
A school highlight.
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